Be Prepared


Sports can provide valuable lessons for all aspects of life. Over the news and heard on many of the talk shows on sports radio, recent topics showcase many of the negatives of sports in general. Many respected athletes have been shown to have engaged in the use of unauthorized performance enhancers, or encounter legal troubles ranging from domestic violence to outright murder. Watch the news, and you’ll so many instances of stars of various sports behaving badly. In spite of the lessons on how not to behave, I like to look at a sports analogy for those trying to get that first job. Preparation is vital.

Watch a college or professional basketball or football game, and you see those who have worked so very hard to get to that point. The introductions ensure, and the starting lineup come out to mid court and the game begins. The crowd cheers and for next couple of hours. Heroes can be created based on a great performance. The game, itself, is just a small part of the process.

These athletes are do not simply come together and play the game. The audience and viewers on TV do not see the amounts of preparation that went into the development of their individual skills going back to the first time they took up the sport. We do not see the intensity of practices, nor do we see the many hours of shooting and conditioning these athletes put in. Thousands of hours for many of these players were spent just to get them to this point in time.

The amount of preparation put in to job hunting and for interviewing can lead to success, just as these athletes. If you do not put in the effort to search for a job, you will miss opportunities. Researching trends in whatever industry you are considering will pay benefits down the road. When you know where the industry is heading, you can pattern your resume, application, and cover letter to match it. Develop skills before to meet these demands will be very marketable. This will take time and effort, but every slight advantage you can gain will increase the changes to get a career start.

Before you get an interview, time should be spent on reading as much as you can in regards to the common interview questions. Simply walking into a resume without adequate preparation is a mistake, and it will show during your performance. Stammering or not being able to put thoughts together coherently will definitely show up. There are so many books and articles that document common questions, and how to answer them properly. Failure to do this is a critical mistake. Anticipating these questions and having examples at the ready will allow for a better interview. The amount of preparation will be evident and will showcase your qualities beyond anything you can. Actions speak louder than words, as the old cliché goes.

Be professional and prepare as such. This is your career, and you’ll need to take ownership of it. Spend the time in the gym, so to speak, and practice. Have answers ready for as many questions as you can anticipate. If you put in the work, your career will be off to a great start.



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